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We handle the sale of your home with care, honesty, and integrity.

About Short Sales

We will attempt to answer the question: what is a short sale, by addressing the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why and how it they relate to short sales.

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Underwater ??

Is your home underwater ? house underwater ? condo underwater ? Are you thinking about doing a STRATEGIC walk-away ? Strategic default or strategic short sale ? You need the help of a professional to accomplish this goal. Call us to discuss your options. If you have an underwater home or an underwater house or […]

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What is a short sale ? What is a short sale ? Many people ask what is a short sale when they want to know more information about the short sale process and decide if it is the right choice for them. Here is a brief example of what is a short sale: A short […]

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Short Sale Process

What is the Short Sale Process ?? The short sale process is a little bit more complicated...

Pre Foreclosure

What is pre foreclosure ?? Pre foreclosure is the time period from when you miss your...

Successful Short Sale

Owner Owed: $310,000 Sale Price: $161,000 Lived in their home for 6+ months with NO...

Short Sale vs Foreclosure

Short Sale vs Foreclosure ? Foreclosure vs Short Sale ?? Many things can factor into the...

If you are considering a Short Sale anywhere in the Chicago you need read below and contact us to discuss your options. Call us anytime: 847-347-4666. We’re on YOUR side !!!

We are the #1 Short Sale Realtor Group serving Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs. We are the short sale experts that you should call to get the job done !! Pay ZERO for our service and walk away from your underwater home owing ZERO to all banks and lien holders.

If you are even considering a short sale, you need an expert ! Lonny is a short sale Realtor and short sale specialist !! Please call to discuss your options. We could write on this website forever but the best way to get informed and understand your options is to speak to a short sale expert. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the connections to get the deal done.

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If you are doing a short sale then YES the short sale Realtor service is FREE to you as is the short sale Attorney service and all costs associated with selling your home. Whether you are short selling a home, short selling a condo, short selling a multi-family property, it is all FREE for you.

We work tirelessly to ensure that all deficiencies and debts related to the home will be 100% erased at the short sale closing. Plus, you get to stay in the home, mortgage and tax free, until the closing date.

A Short Sale is a good option to explore if:

1. Your home is worth less than what you owe the Bank and/or Banks

2. You are behind on your mortgage payments

3. You are considering a strategic default

4. You need to sell your property fast and are unsure of the value

If your home is worth LESS than what you owe the bank, the time is NOW. Call us today to learn about your OPTIONS. Call Lonny: 847-347-4666. This is all FREE for you !!!